Arts are an important part of a strong and growing community. Our mission is to bring quality choral music to the Topeka community and surrounding areas and make it accessible to all. As a donor you help keep our concerts free of charge, support scholarships for singers, and help pay for our beautiful venue at White Concert Hall and talented musical guests. Thank you!

Donors 2023-2024 Season


Winter 2022-2024 Concerts

Spring 2023 Concert

Spring 2024 Concert


Rod & Lorraine Donovan
Ken & Pam Alexander
Kevin & Nancy Alexander
Michael & Susan Reynolds


Joanne Harrison
Randall Pohlenz, O.D.
Brenda Zimmerman
Moira Murphy
Donna Dodge
William & Nancy Edwards
Danton & Julie Hejtmanek
Lonnie & Kay Stanton
Jay & Martha Stevenson
Lloyd Swartz
Marge Whelpley

Up to $199

David Wexler & Susan Holm
Alan & Stephanie Reynolds
Douglas Bowen
Christina Brennan
Barbara Daniel
Barbara Greathouse
Austin & Marianna Nothern
Vivian Reynoso
Martha Spacek
Benjamin & Debbie Stanton
William Stelzner
Phyllis Kirby
Joseph & Janet Zima
Lawrence & Vicki Buening
Nicolas & Leslie Carr
Catherine Chmidling
Eleanor Duguid
Dorethy Hancock
David Jacobson
Mike & Rita Kirby
Christine Towle
Joan Wagnon
Amy Olsson Losew
Brenda Hough
James & Marjorie O’Konski
Walt & Adele Racker
Miriam Wildeman
Dani Murphy
Jona Tatrn
Jolisa Weidner
Leila Adams
Caitlin Michael

Shawnee Choral Society is an established 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

Treasurer Contact Information:
Shawnee Choral Society
P.O. Box 4704
Topeka, KS 66604-0704
(EIN: 48-1234926)