The Shawnee Choral Society is a non-profit organization run by a Board of Directors made of up dedicated members. The board meets at least twice a year to direct and manage the affairs of SCS.

2022-2023 SCS Board of Directors


President:   Debbie Stanton
President-Elect:   Laurel Vogt
Secretary:   Jona Tatrn
Treasurer:   Stephanie Reynolds

Standing Committees

Membership Chair:   Marge Whelpley
Concerts Chair:   Emilie Lunsford
Finance Chair:   Stephanie Reynolds
Publicity Chair:   Jan Lunsford
Music Chair:   Marge Whelpley

Section Leads

Soprano:   Marilyn Mott
Alto:   Marjorie O’Konski
Tenor:   Duane Hines
Bass:   Bill Stelzner

Additional Board Members

Immediate Past President:   Marilyn Mott
Marketing Chair:   Brenda Zimmerman

Non-Board SCS Roles

Assistant to Choral Director:   Emilie Lunsford
Production Manager:   Emilie Lunsford
Stage Manager:   David Schaefer
Communications:   Nadine Shaw

Shawnee Choral Society Constitution and By-Laws