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Signing contracts and documents is an important part of buying a home, but don`t let exhaustion sign everything you see. The purpose of these agreements is to protect you and your investment. Thus, an experienced local agent can help you manage agency contracts. As mentioned above, terminating a contract can be chaotic. However, changing agents in a brokerage agency or buyer should not be. If you want to continue working with the agency, they will usually be happy to put you in touch with an agent better suited to your needs. 11) Antitrust laws are designed to adopt which of the following measures? 7) What type of agency would be most advantageous for a buyer? 11) Several real estate directors and associations were sued under federal antitrust laws in the 1970s and waived pricing by agreeing on which of the following conditions? While these agreements are negotiable, they create limits on how long the agent will work for their clients, as well as geographic limits for their representation. Here`s everything you need to know about these agreements. 1) If a cooperating broker accepts an offer from a listing broker, to whom does the cooperating broker owe fiduciary duties? a) Performance of the contract b) Expiry of the contract c) Mutual agreement between the broker and the client d) Waiver of the client It is rarely the fault of the buyer as most do not understand how the business operates and how the remuneration of an agent is managed. These agreements can benefit all parties involved by providing expectations and understanding in black and white.

The duration of a buyer`s brokerage contract is negotiable. Many agents ask for a 90-day commitment. However, you are still free to request a 24-hour, seven-day or even 30-day execution. That`s all you can negotiate. 10) At the end of the agency relationship, the licensee is no longer considered principal_s representative and owes no other obligation to the client, except for the following? (4) If a licensee has received a commission in connection with a transaction in which the Licence Act has been violated, that licensee may be liable up to ______times amount of the commission, in addition to the suspension or revocation of its licence. (a) Sub-service (b) Intermediary (c) Disclosure (d) Non-agency (3) In what circumstances would a broker lose or have its licence suspended due to an offence committed by an associated licensee? (3) A licensee is required to disclose his or her personal interest in property when dealing with a client, on the basis of what fiduciary duty? Open Buyer Agency Contract: This contract allows the buyer to enter into contracts with an unlimited number of brokers and is therefore not an exclusive type of buyer agency contract. The buyer only pays the broker who finds the property the buyer buys. The buyer owes nothing to the broker if the buyer finds and buys a property without the broker`s help. Buying a home without a broker means you don`t have anyone in your area who knows what common problems to look for on a guided tour.

It also means that there is no one to help you make an offer or negotiate with counter-offers. Working with an experienced local agent helps buyers save money, but some experienced home buyers may prefer to go it alone. Even if the buyer buys a property directly from an owner without a broker involved, the buyer still has to pay a fee to the exclusive agent. This type of agreement is also known as an exclusive right of representation. (1) The contract between an owner of a residential property and a broker through whom the broker has been authorized to sell or lease the residential property is called which of the following? 5) The client has all of the following obligations to an agent in an agency relationship, except? You can`t quickly determine which agents list the most homes in certain neighborhoods by browsing online listings of properties for sale. .