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Regardless of what some people think when a tenant dies, the lease remains active. You should check with their government and local laws about your rights and obligations when it comes to the management of a deceased tenant. The Housing Act 1988 stipulates that he will be transferred to the spouse (if there is one). In the case of a guaranteed short-term rent, this will happen, but in this situation, the landlord can easily terminate it with a notification under paragraph 21 (see law for more details). An owner is also able to recover the property through the courts on cause 7. my ex-husband died on July 19, 2019 without a will or POA. He was renting in an apartment, and his rent was paid by some sort of plan from the housing authority. He is a survivor by our son and by an older daughter from a previous marriage who lives a-vin. They are both over the age of 18, but none of them have any experience. What do we need to do to ensure that his affairs, which have no monetary value, are only sentimental, family photos, etc. The owner speaks with the start of the evacuation procedure from August and says it will take about 3 weeks. I`m not sure I can trust him for this period.

Can we just offer to pay the August rent, so we have some air to breathe? Can`t she just throw her stuff in the trash? She`s known for not wasting time putting people out, but can she do it when they die? You`re his next of kin, why can`t they come in and get his stuff? It`s in Tennessee. Can anyone advise us? Thank you In this case, the rest of the fixed term is a right of ownership and therefore the property is transferred to the personal representatives of the deceased tenant as part of the tenant`s “estate” (everything he owns if he dies). When a single tenant (the sole tenant in the lease) or a resident dies, the lease expires at the earliest on the following dates: The secondary tenant/executor is responsible for the rent of the deceased and proof of freedom of ownership. You must take care of the tenant`s property and arrange the cleaning of the property, including all specialized cleanings, if necessary. A power of attorney ends in death, so the granddaughter`s POA was irrelevant. I live in the state. My son was in hospital when I arrived in AZ, where he was hospitalized and died in hospital on February 13. I did not receive his address from the hospital.

When I found this apartment, I was told that its lease was in mid-February. He had not paid his rent for the first part of February. He wanted to move out in mid-February. I went to the owner and paid all month. I told him I wouldn`t be able to take off his belongings and clean his apartment until the end of the month. I asked for another month (March), but she told me that the apartment had been rented because my son would not renew his 12-month lease. The apartment is a mess. It`s dirty with all the rooms full of things. Furniture, scrap metal, clothing, etc. Am I the mother responsible for what is not cleaned or removed before the end of February? I have an adficiative (misspelled). I can`t get the funds he has at his disposal or change the title for thirty days after death in his car.