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Tenants should read the lease carefully before signing it. This includes all terms and conditions. If there is something they don`t understand, they should seek advice before signing. I am a GDL student (recent graduate) who recently moved from my apartment due to the end of the rental (respect of a deadline of 30 days, etc.). This was based on an oral periodic rental that corresponded to the factors mentioned above in your article (offer, acceptance and consideration by paying the monthly rent). We are currently arguing (not in court, but only divided) that he is now refusing to repay the £250 bail due to my parents, which was agreed when I moved in in September of last year (2014). Hello. I rented my current apartment on February 28, 2015 WITH a signed contract of 12 months. At the end of the first year of rental, I just called my landlord and told her that I would like to continue in the apartment and she agrees. Usually, this conversation takes place every year in January.

I just found a better home and because I don`t want to cause any inconvenience, I wrote to her that we would be leaving the premises on January 1st (1 month written notice period basically) and she claims that because our contract won`t end until February 28th, she will keep my £2000 deposit. Now the question is that she only has 1 contract signed by me, which ended on 28.02.16. What rights do I have? Can it keep the deposit on the basis of these criteria? Thank you If there is no lease, the landlord must use the standard court procedure and attend a hearing so that he can explain to the judge why there is no written agreement. If you`re a landlord who wants help evicting a tenant and you don`t have a written lease, you can skip here for free legal advice for landlords. No conditions. Tenants without AST will, of course, be concerned about how their deposit will be protected during their lifetime in the property. However, you should be reassured that since the money belongs to them, their landlord cannot make deductions without their permission and signed agreement, which would normally be the lease. Simply put, an oral agreement is as legally binding as a written lease (however, I would never recommend entering into a contract without a written contract).

I rent the living room in a colleague`s house for me and my friend. We pay every week and have a verbal agreement that we should pay every week because it`s just the living room. Well, we got two weeks` notice and we still have to pay as it is for two weeks. Wouldn`t we have assumed that we would have 30 days` notice to leave? Please, I need answers! After signing, the landlord must give a copy to the tenant. This should be done before the amendment comes into force. Both parties must attach this text to their copy of the lease. I live here from 1982 until today I live in Los Angeles rent control my landlord now tells me he doesn`t want us to park our cars in the driveway and he said my son`s name is not on the lease, he has to go out and he could stay if he doesn`t park in the driveway. and he also said that my husband doesn`t like that he can move.

I pay rent and the driveway is part of our rental unit. Tip would be nice Hello I rent a commercial property of the municipality in a city center that dies of its feet. I do not have a written or oral agreement. I have rent arrears, I contacted the board to see if they would reduce the rent to help me in my situation temporarily, and they just said “no”. In 12 months, the shops will close every week and the council deemed it appropriate to bring 8 hairdressers to our small town. I have a hairdresser myself and the board put 1 right next to mine. I don`t earn much and a few weeks I have to use my salary to pay the rent. .