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The presentation of the Kentucky Month to Month lease can be used at any time if a landlord and tenant have decided that the terms of their lease are concluded at their convenience and not with a specified end date. Such regulation may be ideal in certain circumstances. For example, contractors with a long-term assignment may benefit if the work they do in this area is seasonal or if soldiers who wish to avoid too much red tape, if or when they are transferred, also prefer such an agreement. Step 1 – The first three empty lines of this document define the parts and timing of the agreement. Enter the full name of the landlord and tenant in the first two rooms, then the date of the agreement on the third. The Kentucky Rental Agreement is suitable for short-term agreements, and if you are still considering a lease, you must first use the Kentucky Rental Application and Kentucky Rental Credit Check form to collect basic information about your potential tenants. For a low price of $20, TReXGlobal`s customer screening solution allows you to get rental advice, credit reports and criminal history for each tenant. In the event of a breach of contract, you can terminate the lease with our Kentucky Notice to Quit form. Keep in mind that the Kentucky Lease Termination is not the same as the Kentucky Eviction Notice, which can only be issued by the court in an illegal action in detention. Step 16 – If there have been conditions that have been discussed and agreed orally by the lessor and the taker, which are considered part of the lease, they must be recorded in the “additional conditions” that must be covered by the lease. If there isn`t enough disk space, add a clearly labeled document that`s named in this section.

Make sure that this document is named in this section and that it is signed and dated. Leases are often oral and while they can offer freedom and flexibility to landlords and tenants, variability can come with its own drawbacks. For example, a tenant may prefer not to commit to a fixed time (they may be between a job or going to school), but this helps to eliminate rent increases or cancel the landlord who would otherwise not be possible with a long-term lease in Kentucky.