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15. Applicable law and disputes These Terms and all non-contractual obligations arising out of or related to them shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Sweden. Disputes relating to the rights and/or obligations set forth in this Agreement shall be decided by the Linköping District Court in Sweden or, optionally, if TaxiCaller so chooses at its discretion, by means of an arbitration procedure in accordance with the Expedited Arbitration Rules of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. The seat of the arbitration shall be Linköping. The language to be used in arbitration is English. Draw something for yourself. This is our agreement for this project:What I agree:1. Within [2] days after receiving a signed copy of this agreement and 40 percent of the payment from you, I will do the following:[I BRANDON GROCE, WILL DESIGN FOR YOU A LOGO FOR YOUR SALON BUSINESS. THIS INCLUDES:* THE DESIGN MISSION: I`LL TALK TO YOU AND GET THE DESIGN CONTRACT (BASICALLY, WHAT YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH WITH THIS DESIGN).* RESEARCH: I`M GOING TO DO RESEARCH THAT WILL FOCUS ON THE INDUSTRY ITSELF, ITS HISTORY, AND ITS COMPETITORS. (YOUR COMPANY)*REFERENCE: I WILL BE LOOKING FOR SUCCESSFUL LOGO DESIGNS AND CURRENT STYLES AND TRENDS RELATED TO DESIGN ORDERING. SO THAT YOUR DESIGN IS UP TO DATE AND READY TO DESTROY YOUR COMPETITION AND BE UNIQUE * SKETCH AND CONCEPTUALIZE: I DEVELOP LOGO DESIGN CONCEPTS AROUND ORDER AND RESEARCH. THEN, USE CREATIVITY AND EXPERIENCE TO CREATE A LOGO.*REFLECTION: THEN WE WILL DISCUSS TOGETHER SKETCHES AND CONCEPTS (FEEDBACK PHASE)*PRESENTATION: WE WILL THEN CHOOSE WHICH LOGO(S) /CONCEPT(S) YOU LIKE BEST AND THIS DESIGN WILL BE FINALIZED!] 2.Final files.

I will deliver to you by email (or a downloadable hyperlink) within [2] days of approval of the final design of the digital files with the final design(s) in the following formats:[THE FINAL DESIGN YOU HAVE CHOSEN FOR YOUR LOGO WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE TO YOU VIA A LINK IN WHICH YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE SEPARATE FILES. THE FOLLOWING FILES CAN BE FOUND IN THE LINK: A JPEG FILE, A TRANSPARENT PNG FILE, AND A PDF FILE OF YOUR LOGO.] What I promise you: 3. Original work/conflicts/confidentiality. I promise you that, except for everything you have given me to integrate it into the design(s): (a) my work is original and is not fully or partially copied by any other work; (b) I own the rights I give you under this Agreement, or I have obtained such rights to third party content incorporated into my final design; and (c) my work does not infringe the patent, copyright, trade secret or other proprietary rights of any person, company or organization. I promise that this agreement will not be contrary to other treaties, agreements or agreements in which I participate. Finally, I promise that I will provide all the confidential information you provide to me (for example.B. proprietary technical or commercial information), will be strictly confidential and I will not pass on this information to third parties, unless requested by a court or governmental authority. What you promise me:4. Pay Me For My Work.You promise to give me the total (“fairy”) of $[200] (U.S. .