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If you wish to complete a marketing or referral program in which the Affiliate receives payments from the trading company that runs the system under certain 9.1 conditions. This agreement begins on the effective date and will be continued thereafter, unless otherwise stated, as provided for in this Clause 9. A typical affiliation agreement is structured to compensate the Affiliate in a way – or both – in the following way: In such agreements, the Affiliate generally has no say under the specific conditions. The Affiliate simply registers with the program that the company proposes and there is no negotiation on the agreement. These agreements are not signed, they are simply published on the company`s website so that the Affiliate can read and accept before enrolling in the affiliate program. This agreement takes effect when all parties have signed it. The date on which this agreement is signed by the last undersigned party (as indicated by the date attached to the signing of that part) is considered to be the date of this agreement. 4.3. The Affiliate acknowledges and accepts that under this Agreement it is not subject to payments that are not expressly stipulated in this Agreement. “Marketing Affiliate Program” refers to our affiliate marketing program, as described in this agreement. We require all our partners to comply with all applicable statutes, regulations and guidelines established by the federal government through the Federal Trade Commission as well as by national and local governments.

The Federal Trade Commission requires that affiliate relationships, such as the relationship between you and the company, be disclosed to consumers. Be aware of the general purpose and terms of the agreement, such as commissions, as well as specific conditions such as restricted trademark conditions. 14.2. Where one party gives the other party the possibility that a provision or partial provision of this Agreement will be invalidated, illegal or unenforceable, the parties negotiate in good faith to amend that provision so that it is legal, valid and applicable in its amended version and, where possible, to obtain the intended commercial result of the original provision. (b) WHMCS` overall liability in recent years as a result of the expected performance or performance of this contract is limited to the amount paid to the Affiliate by WHMCS in the twelve months prior to the date on which the claim was born. This Agreement and all disputes or claims a result of or in connection with it or its purpose or birth (including non-contractual disputes or claims) are governed by the law of England and Wales and are interpreted accordingly. The rights and remedies provided for in this agreement are in addition to statutory rights or remedies and are not exclusive. C) ARBITRATION: In the event of a dispute between the parties, which relates to or arises from the dispute, the parties first try to resolve the dispute in a personal and good faith manner. If these attempts to resolve them fail, the parties submit the dispute to binding arbitration. Arbitration is conducted in the following county: Allegheny.