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For the purposes of the Youth Allowance (YA) or Austudy, education or training means that you are a full-time student with recognized education. Full-time education is defined as at least three-quarters of the standard full-time load for higher education students. It varies depending on whether the course attracts student participation fees. For a student participation course, a full-time load is measured based on the standard study load for the course. A student is considered a full-time for the period he has a student contribution burden: an YA student who has reached his satisfactory progress time in a course loses his access to university as a student, the student income bank and higher incomes. For a non-student contribution course, a student is considered a full-time student, but a person may, under certain circumstances, continue his or her studies as a YA job seeker (the study was approved as a short term). These students must have their studies enrolled in an EPP. When a student wishes to take more than one course at the SAME DE level, the following conditions may apply depending on whether the student has reached the satisfactory progression time for their course and must switch to YA job seekers and enter an EPP. They may be allowed to perform the YA activity test through a full-time study or through a combination of activities, including part-time studies, that must be documented in their PEP. The student loan is a voluntary, interest-free loan that is available to full-time students eligible for higher education receiving youth assistance, a subsistence allowance or an ABSTUDY life allowance.

The purpose of the loan is to help cover the pre-study costs, such as textbooks and specialized equipment. Payments for students managed by Centrelink are not paid indefinitely. A limit is set for the length of time you can continue to receive payment at each level of study. This limit is based on the course you are currently taking. Other studies you have already done at the same level can also be taken into account. It only takes into account the normal minimum duration of a completed course, whether you have actually studied longer or not.