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41 Role Strengthening Modernization-Automation,Computerization (website) – Transparency Infrastructure in particular Laboratory Buildings and Orientation Tests on International Systems – Accreditation Goal (ISO/IEC 17020/25,Guide 65 Streamlining activities in existing systems Study on the role of EIC in the WTO environment Human Resources (HR-QDC) Interaction with equivalency agreement regulators – all free trade agreements have a role to play in the technical assistance of the EIC – 8 projects with CE equivalent 17 Article 4 Accept the SPS measure from other members as equivalent, even if it is objectively demonstrated by its own executive member, that their measures achieve their adequate level of protection for SPS – “equivalence” not “equality” of importers, appropriate access to inspection/audit agreements – members are invited , on request, to consult on bilateral or multilateral agreements or to recognize the equivalence of certain spS measures Presentation 4.2 CODEX STANDARDS ON SAFETY SECTION IV Food Quality and Standards Service (ESNS) Food and Nutrition Division. FAO. 24 Difference between SPS and TBTThe regulation on containers for shipping SPS cereals when they involve fumigating or processing these containers, i.e. disinfection for the prevention of the spread of TBT diseases, where the regulation provides for the size or structure of containers 7 Other types of environmental protection measures Consumer interests other than animal health are not covered by the SPS agreement, but tBT Measures Role 34 EIC – in the wto training and technical assistance regime for industry, to update international standards Represent India`s interests in international standards bodies/WTO – Experience-based viewpoints Practice Continuous Dialogue with Importing Countries on Non-Tariff Problem Resolution Problems Problem-Based Research – Studies on Indian Export Quality Issues Database on Regulatory Requirements of Trading Partners Issuing Certificates of Origin in Different preferential tariff regimes for tariff concessions for exporters through exporter participation in fairs 32 International Standards – Avoiding duplication and diversity – ROLETY CLARI PAYS that put in place strict import controls (United States, EC, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc.). Compliance with Int/Country Importing Destinations requirements for recognition of export control and certification systems as equivalent equivalency agreements – MoUs/MRAs Legislative Framework Infrastructure Infrastructures – Laboratories, inspection agencies AND certification RENEWED RELEVANCE TO EXPORT CERTIFICATION of EIC -SMS Approach – Codex, SLDBs, Use – Qa Promotion, In India – BIS, PFA, EIC Primary production – Harmonization with Codex – SPS Agreement – Countries impose stds – codex-based/risk assessment Codex Vision Statement – promotion int stds for the business situation in and int india – > 10 – each organisation – Ppn in formulation stds – Agreement SPS, earlier status of Codex – Benchmark now insatis – Industry / Continuity / right-wing person – SPS / Codex – EIC -Sound Regulatory Framework – Design Guidelines , Operating, evaluating – accreditation of agri-food systems imp – exp inspn – certifn – legn, Control Progs – Operations (inspn, sampling, test,hyg, records, verifn, audits) – Frequency – intensity – facilities, eqp, transport – Staff capacity Bldg – Strengthening the regulatory framework – Modernization of control facilities – Strengthening HR databases – devt of modules haccp 10 SPS Agreement – Basic Rights – Obligations (article 2) Right to the application of health and plant health measures, which are necessary for the protection of humans, the life of flora and fauna or health, on the basis of non-discriminatory scientific principles No disguised commercial restriction 13 Risk assessment Article 5 Article 5 includes risk assessment and determination of an appropriate level of SPS-PROTECTION measures based on risk assessment or human health , animal or animal, or taking into account risk assessment techniques developed by international organizations.