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Software Assurance is available for organizations that support only five devices. Software Assurance is only available through The Volume License and is acquired if you purchase or renew a volume license agreement. It is included in some agreements and is an optional purchase with others. Your available benefits are determined by the nature and quantity of products you buy. The size of your organization can determine which benefits are most directly useful to you. Microsoft volume licensing is the most cost-effective, flexible and acceptable way to acquire Microsoft software and cloud services. As a volume license client, you can continue to improve your IT investments with insurance software benefits that apply to a wide range of licensing agreements. Software Assurance gives you the tools you need to do more with your Microsoft IT investments. Subsequently, licenses purchased for the same non-continuous product within the same registration period under an Enterprise or Enterprise subscription contract, a free-value subscription or a registration for educational solutions, as part of the customer`s true-up process, are also qualifying licenses for licensing purposes.

Product coverage under subscription contracts must be continuous. Yes, yes. Active Software Assurance coverage always expires at the end of a month, regardless of the day of the month your organization originally signed the contract. For the new product release rights, this means that you can continue to download the new authorized products published on the VLSC this month. The vouchers expire 180 days from the date of receipts, regardless of the course of the SA coverage. All benefits must be delivered before the voucher expires (good in return). Vouchers that expire before SA coverage expires return to the pool of available days planning services. The tables above show service days available on the basis of a full registration or a 3-year agreement. Customers who purchase SA coverage for one year receive one-third of the number of service days listed. Customers who purchase SA coverage for two years receive two-thirds of the number of service days listed. The Microsoft Products and Services Agreement is a unique purchase agreement that offers flexible options for your purchases of software, online services and insurance software throughout your organization.

With License Mobility through Software Assurance, you can provide certain server application licenses that you have acquired as part of your volume license agreement in the data center of an approved mobility partner.