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The playwright will always want to be credited in all commercials and commercials for the play`s theatrical production, and perhaps also indicate the size and placement of all credits. The theatre will want to ensure that an involuntary credit omission does not constitute a breach of the agreement, provided that the theatre takes appropriate steps to resolve the problem. Appropriate measures usually involve providing inserts with corrected credit instead of being forced to reprint programs. If the theatre is the first theatre to produce the play, it may apply to be counted as an original producer in subsequent production programs of the play, and it may require that its role as the first theatre of production be recognized if the play is ever published. Often, directors, designers, playwrights and other collaborators (and sometimes actors) are treated as independent contractors for limited production. This means that they are not considered employees and are responsible for their own taxes. That doesn`t mean you don`t have responsibilities. For every entrepreneur who earns more than $600, you are responsible for reporting that income to the federal government with a 1099 form – you must receive the necessary information from them to do so. This means that they must complete a W-9 form typical of independent contractors, which gives their name for tax purposes, address and social security number.

Click here to download an IRS website. The Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights (ALAP), the los Angeles Metropolitan Playwrights` Service and Support Organization, concludes a 99-seat theatre contract (which serves as the basis for the Guild`s contract in this area) and a letter of agreement for readings, available free of charge to all on its website. Click here to visit the ALAP sample contract page. These will serve as excellent starting points. In the future, we will also publish here a simplified version of a playwright`s treatise. The theatre will require the playwright to make certain representations in relation to the play. In particular, the theatre requires the playwright to be the sole author of the play, that no part of the play has been copied by a work previously protected by copyright, that no other theatre currently has the right to produce the play, and that nothing in the play is defamatory or violates a person`s right to privacy.