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(1) All property rights and rights to real estate initially entered or acquired into the social patrimony, whether by purchase or other means, because of the company or for the needs and in the context of the partner`s activity, are mentioned in this law and must be held and applied by the partners for the sole purpose of the partnership and in accordance with the social contract. After the breakdown of a partnership, the power of each partner to engage it and the other rights and obligations of the partners, regardless of the dissolution, will remain, to the extent necessary to conclude the affairs of the partnership and to conclude the transactions initiated but not concluded at the time of dissolution, but not by other means. provided that the company is in no way linked to the actions of a bankrupt partner; However, this condition does not affect the liability of a person who has represented himself after the bankruptcy or who has knowingly represented himself as a bankrupt. The partnership agreement sets out a framework on which the DH, the NHS management and the trade unions have agreed. It sets out the principles of how partners will work together to promote an effective partnership on the impact of policies on workers. This document replaces the 2007 partnership agreement. (9) Partnership books should be listed on the place of activity of the partnership (or on the main location if there are more than one), and each partner may, if deemed appropriate, have access to, inspect and copy them. The interests of the partners in the ownership of the company and their rights and obligations relating to the partnership are determined by the following rules, subject to an explicit or tacit agreement between the partners: In the event of the dissolution of a partnership, each partner is authorized, unlike the other partners of the company, and anyone who claims them for their interests as partners. to assert the ownership of the company for the payment of the company`s debts and liabilities and to assert the excess assets after that payment for the payment of what may be due to the partners or after deducting what they may be, as partners, owed to the business; To this end, any partner or his representatives may ask the Court of Justice, upon termination of the partnership, to cease its activities and affairs.