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Centralized negotiations for allied health experts are taking place between a team of elected OPSEU members and a team of elected hospital representatives, led by the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA). The resulting central collective agreement deals with the most important language of the contract and key monetary items such as wages, holidays, benefits, etc. All units of collective agreements for health professionals, which are allied with OPSEU, have the opportunity to participate in centralized negotiations for each round of negotiations. If OPSEU members and the hospital agree to be part of the central clinic, the central teams negotiate on behalf of these hospitals. If ratified by both parties, the renewal of the contract extends the current central collective agreement by three years, until 31 March 2022. 4. The OHA is a voluntary employer organization that conducts collective bargaining on behalf of forty Ontario hospitals. OPSEU represents more than 5,500 health professionals in the 40 OHA hospitals. The interim renewal of the contract with OPSEU hospital professionals is in keeping with all the provisions of the current collective agreement, which was concluded 18 months ago, and provides for annual wage increases of 1.75 per cent as of April 1, 2019.

Click here for the provisional renewal agreement. 3. Article 11 of the HLDAA provides that workers covered by this status cannot be put on strike or excluded. If the parties fail to reach an agreement on a collective agreement, the dispute must be resolved through binding arbitration. This regulation – which is stagnating or blocked and, if necessary, a binding arbitration procedure – is one of the main features of the special legislation that applies to labour relations in the hospital sector in Ontario. Because of our position as a central bargaining partner, OPSEU is uniquely positioned to negotiate a better first collective agreement for the new combined group at Lakeridge Health; one that protects all the higher benefits if the local opts for the central negotiation process. Labelle, who is also president of the union`s professional hospital division, said the interim agreement reinforces OPSEU`s position as a leader in the representation of hospital professionals in Ontario. 5.

OPSEU and OHA have been negotiating a new collective agreement since March 2002. They could not agree on a collective agreement. 1. An employer may apply to the Ontario Court of Justice (General Division) for a restraining order as a decision of the Court. Disobedience can result in fines or jail time. 11. (1) Despite everything in the Labour Relations Act 1995, no hospital employee to whom this law applies shall strike and no employer of these workers excludes them. 4.

The employer may obtain permission to sue the workers or the union for violating their right. Successful prosecutions can result in fines of up to $2,000 per day for employees and $20,000 per day for the EU. 3631-02-U Ontario Hospital Association, Applicant v. Ontario Public Service Employees Union, Responding Party v. Attorney General for Ontario, Intervenor OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas said talks with the OHA went quickly and delivered the results OPSEU sought. OPSEU members can achieve centralized standard salaries (the main salary for their classification) and maintain all the higher local provisions. We`ve been working that, Thomas said. “Our members and patients are the winners. This expansion recognizes the value that allied health professionals bring to the health care system.┬áThe President of OPSEU is calling on the government to put in place the funds for… (2) Sections 81 and 82, subsections 83, paragraphs 1 and 84, 100, 101 and 103 of the Labour Relations Act, 1995, amended or adopted from time to time, apply with the necessary amendments to the Act, as if these sections had been adopted in that Act and are part of it. 14. Finally, the Board of Directors orders and indicates that admission, on 13 February 2003, is prohibited in and around access points or areas where it will take place