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material that may be part of the MultiChoice service from time to time. either the date of MultiChoice`s final trial or test in the sense of point 19.2, depending on the date that occurred later. MultiChoice is not required to reimburse the Subscriber for the fees paid by the Subscriber if, whether by act or omission, MultiChoice has not provided the exact information necessary to determine the subscription fee or any other means of complying with clause 10.7. It can then submit a new application form for subscribers in order to conclude a new agreement. . . . Eskom chair between MultiChoice; Matjila of PIC mourns the fault; Zim politician charged with treason; Branson spac. Covid19 – s_MultiChoice Consumer Assistance 10402020_Edited.docx MultiChoice vs Nextflix Case Study (Block 3 -4) .pdf 9.2 or any other provision of this agreement, whether they use a smart card, a licensed set-top box, other devices or other equipment; or ACS International Schools – BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT 3.07 5.5.

Regardless of where the subscriber submits the subscriber`s application form, this agreement is deemed to have been entered into with MultiChoice or the main place of sale of the authorized representative on several occasions in the Netherlands. . . . Eastern Washington University – COMPUTER SOFTWARE E MultiChoice billing system, the subscriber must have a written request for the prior consent of MultiChoice for this purpose, the MultiChoice request may consider. 11.3. MultiChoice is not liable for any losses or damage that may be caused to the subscriber or a third party as a result of or in connection with e-mails or other messages, whether by MultiChoice, the subscriber or the third party who use the MultiChoice service and device, and that the subscriber releases any loss or damage that he or others may suffer as a result of such communications. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – ACCOUNTing MISC Subscriber: The physical address indicated by the subscriber in its subscription request form in the modified version from time to time by the subscriber. .

Subscription and MultiChoice requests activate the additional channel or an additional aspect of the MultiChoice service on a date before the next due date, and then the subscriber must pay pro-rata the fee required for the period from the date their subscription is activated for the additional channel or an additional aspect up to the due date, plus the fee required for the next subscription period. before MultiChoice activates such a requirement. If MultiChoice activates the additional channel subscription or other element of the MultiChoice service on request, MultiChoice cannot activate the additional channel or the additional aspect of the MultiChoice service if MultiChoice does not receive written confirmation of the oral request within 24 hours of activation and the subscriber must continue to pay the fee. , on or before the due date, in proportion to the period during which it had access to the additional channel or any other additional aspect of the MultiChoice service. ..