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E. Where a delegation agreement includes the delegation of general anaesthesia or neuro-axial anaesthesia, the delegation agreement shall contain all the information referred to in the Regulation. B. The delegation agreement shall contain the following information: A. Before a physician can delegate medical acts and before a medical assistant (PA) can perform medical procedures, the PA and primary supervision must submit to the board of directors: PAs and PSPs must submit the completed delegation agreement and the appropriate fees to the boarding pass. The Board does not accept faxed delegation agreements or walk-ins. The Board is no longer required to approve a delegation agreement before the PA takes office if the delegation agreement does not contain advanced tasks. For existing delegation agreements, medical practitioners may wish to keep a written description of the medical assistant`s practice in the health facility. C. As part of the delegation agreement, the primary caregiver must issue the following certificates: The PA may start work as soon as the office has received the delegation agreement and confirmed its receipt in writing. Office staff send confirmation letters by email to the AP and PSP.

D. Unless otherwise provided for in this Regulation, the delegation agreement, where it involves the delegation of one or more advanced tasks, shall contain the following additional information and documents: Approval is only part of the process. ALL MEDICAL ASSISTANTS MUST SUBMIT A DELEGATION AGREEMENT WITH THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. THE PA MAY BEGIN WORK AS SOON AS THE BUREAU HAS RECEIVED THE DELEGATION AGREEMENT CONCLUDED AND CONFIRMS ITS RECEIPT IN WRITING. BOARD STAFF SEND CONFIRMATION LETTERS BY E-MAIL TO THE PA AND PSP. The application process can take an average of 3 to 6 weeks. However, the process may take longer, depending on the circumstances of each applicant or if the person does not provide the necessary documents in a timely manner. Physician Assistant Add or Change Alternate Supervisor Forme (PDF) Please note that on each page of this form you have the option “Save and continue later” (see link above). Every time you use the Save and Continue Later link, you get a special URL that will take you back to the form without data loss. As this is a long form, we recommend that you occasionally use the Save link and continue later, so that you do not lose data before sending the form.

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