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– Family law. A lawyer with divorce, alimony, property rights, custody and support for children, marginal domestic violence, marriage contracts and more. 4.3 In the event of the vehicle not returning by the date and time set, NOLO IN SAS is allowed to charge an additional rental day. However, a 30-minute tolerance is expected. In the event that the delay in delivery is intended to increase the expense or loss of revenue for NOLO IN SAS, no one is entitled to charge an amount of 400.00 euros more each day of delay on the rental costs increased by 50%. 4.4 In the event that NOLO IN SAS staff are unable to verify the vehicle with the customer or have agreed to return the vehicle to reception facilities where the customer can keep the key to the vehicle, they must produce the same multimedia equipment that attests to the current condition of the vehicle. This procedure is also allowed by exchanging photos by email on NOLO IN SAS will confirm the check-out as soon as it is completed. 2.2 After the delivery of the car, our employees, along with the conclusion of the lease, tell the customer the plan for the damage that already exists on the car; This scheme is considered an effective control of the condition of the vehicle and is the comparison reference used by our employees to identify new damage during the check-out of the vehicle.

The customer must therefore determine the good condition of the car and immediately announce any abnormalities, damage or defects to the body and/or their padding. This procedure is also allowed by exchanging photos (before the start of the rental period) by email on The new damage caused to the above parts, found during the return of the vehicle, is debited through the instrument made available as collateral for the determination of the contract (credit card, deposit, pre-authorization). 2.3 The vehicle is delivered to the customer with a full fuel tank and must be returned with the same amount. In addition, the customer is not bound by a limited mileage. All disputes, derivatives and/or related to the rental of the vehicle and any measures necessary for the compulsory recovery of the credit accumulated by NOLO IN SA fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Palermo court, the responsibility of the customer who qualifies as “consumer” under art. 1 of the place of residence or residence remaining responsible for the client.