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Yes, the French Commercial Code allows parties to conclude agreements that do not have the status of commercial leases. This is especially true for lease contracts by agreement, which must not last more than 3 years (not to be confused with precarious professional contracts, commonly referred to as granted rentals). If, at the end of this period, the tenant is kept in possession of the premises (or if the lease is renewed or if a new lease is concluded for the same premises), a nine-year lease agreement is automatically concluded. During the term of the rental agreement, the tenant is almost safe from eviction; they can only be moved in special circumstances and only if the owner is compensated. A French commercial lease agreement is signed for at least nine years, with the possibility of unilateral termination by the tenant after three or six years. This is the reason why this form of rental is generally known in France as 3/6/9. A commercial lease agreement in France can obviously be concluded for a longer period. In principle, persons registered in the commercial and business register or in the commercial register and who wish to carry out a commercial, commercial or craft activity in the rented premises sign a commercial rental contract. The minimum duration is nine years. Note that, unless he is not in possession of a notarized lease, the lessor must obtain a court decision against the tenant to demand payment of the rent and quickly terminate the lease. Commercial property does not deprive the owner of the right to recover his property at the end of the rental period or at the end of a three-year period in certain circumstances, such as construction, reconstruction, personal occupation, if the premises contain housing, demolitions or a serious and legitimate reason. There is only one rule to get the most out of a commercial lease for tourist real estate investments, and it is the same rule that applies to any investment of any kind: information is king.

Certainly, you don`t need to be an expert in all the intricacies of French property law, but you do need to be able to recognize someone who is. Choosing the right property management company that advises you and helps you take care of the basics of the legal process is almost certainly the hardest part of investing. Customer references, one-on-one contact and online research can be used to get an idea of who you`re dealing with. Once that decision is made and well made, everything else is likely to coincide. Yes. The right of entry, commonly known as the “doorstep”, is, in a certain sense, the consideration for commercial property]. As mentioned above, this type of contract must last at least 9 years and has the right to extend it if both parties agree. For most businesses, the lease can be terminated at the end of a three-year period if the tenant requires it at least 6 months in advance. As mentioned above, unlike the lessor, the tenant in France has in principle the possibility of unilaterally terminating the lease every three years. The tenant also has after the expiration of the minimum contractual rental period (i.e. .

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