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This agreement is governed by the Scottish law in which this agreement was signed. Deposit: a deposit must be paid for the reservation of the rental. All damages suffered by the rental unit that are not covered by the insurance are the responsibility of the tenant and are deducted from the claims for compensation. The distributor has a maximum period of 5 days from the return of the device to check if the device is damaged and contact the customer. The deposit will be refunded within 7 days if the rented unit is not damaged. Cancellation – In case of cancellation: Cancellations made more than 70 days before the start of the rental are refunded 100% of the rental fee, less the booking deposit paid and an administrative fee of £25 + VAT. • Anyone occupying rent towed while on the move. We are not responsible for damage related to an accident or breakdown that you cause, nor are we responsible for losses of the van. Our insurance policy protects us and any authorized driver from the rights of another person, death or assault or damage to the property of another person caused by the use of the motor carrier, provided that you report all such incidents to us during the rental period or upon the carrier`s return (and that you put the van in the terms and conditions and those of our insurance company). The terms and conditions of our insurance company are included. In the event that a third party suffers death, injury or property damage caused by the use of the van, which involves a breach by you or an authorized driver of any of the terms of this agreement and those of our insurance policy or health and safety policies, agree to reimburse us if we are required to (a) indemnify the insurers for any payment they make on your behalf to a third party and/or b) a third party. The landlord personally receives the deposit, the amount of which must be indicated on the lease. The deposit may take the form of a check, in cash or on other means of payment previously agreed between the tenant and the owner.

If the deposit is not given on the day of departure, the landlord has the right to refuse the rent and therefore cancel the current rent. The tenant is not entitled to the refund. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the owner, any delay in the return of the vehicle by the renter of more than two (2) hours is charged according to the following rules: between 2 and 6 hours late, the owner has the right to ask the renter for a payment of 10 pounds per hour of delay. Beyond 6 hours, the owner has the right to ask the tenant for the price of an additional rental day corresponding to the daily proportional amount calculated on the total remuneration of the owner, increased by one hundred percent (100%), i.e. a total of two rental days. You warrant that all information provided to us under this Agreement is true and complete. In particular, when picking up the van, you guarantee that the information provided during the initial booking has not changed significantly, including, but not limited to, the number of points on a driving license. I irrevocably authorize Four Season Campers to deduct from the deposit all amounts I owe to Four Season Campers from this contract. Please note that we reserve the right to keep a pollution tax of £75.00 if the motorhome is not returned with the cabin in clean condition. The toilet and sewage tank must also be emptied before the vehicle is returned or an additional pollution charge of £50.00 is charged….