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To register, you must complete the MPPA billing registration form and send it back to us with information about the suppliers you want to be covered. To register, simply fill out the MPPA billing registration form to get a billing number, save your EFT and contact information. Send your completed form by email to with details about which providers should be associated with your account number. If you receive treatment and your insurer does not cover the full cost of this treatment, you must pay the “gap.” This reflects what your doctor calculates for their benefits and your level of coverage. When it comes to hospitals, your fund can more or less give a discount depending on which hospital you are using. Similarly, your fund may have “no known gaps” or “gaps” with some health care providers. Private health insurance also gives you more choice in your health care, such as choosing your surgeon/obstetrician/specialist and the hospital you prefer from licensed private health insurance providers. When you go to a private hospital, you will also often be able to get treatment faster than you could on a public waiting list. Another reason consumers buy private health insurance is to respond to government incentives and tax policies.

Note that some insurers recognize (and offer discounts) services provided by one allied category of health care providers, but do not recognize the same or similar treatment if they are provided by another category of providers. If you know that you want to be treated by a particular provider or hospital, you should check, before buying or using your private health insurance, what the private health insurer`s agreements are with that provider or hospital, as this affects a-pocket expenses. If you are a private pathology or diagnostic imaging provider, a private hospital or a medical billing agent representing pathology and radiology service providers, you can register to register for the Billing Channel MPPA. The purchase of private health insurance is not mandatory. The decision whether or not to purchase private health insurance may affect your tax obligations and your ability to access the medical care of your choice. Ask yourself if you can afford private health insurance and if you have a fee if you don`t have it. You can use Eclipse which allows you to change your claims electronically.