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Blackhorse finance is just horrible to work with. Many people and small businesses get out of the business and seemed happy to do so. No interest, no worry, no help, and no matter. It is a shame that the taxpayer saved this bank if it had to let it crash. Awful Company, which doesn`t matter. Once the pandemic is over, people and businesses will remember the lack of help and concern and hopefully never do business again. It is best to remain free of them. Please note that your contract number can be found: If you do not have your contract number, you can call our customer service on 0344 824 8888 absolutely outrageous customer service. Waiting for an HP agreement will be changed because they have poorly set up and despite many calls waiting for 20 minutes, sometimes they say my call to the right section then say I will receive a reminder. When they call back a few days later, they ring for two seconds, then they ring. The rides have been starting again for two months!!! Bag your team sitting on their backs working from home! It`s not working!!! Work from home to idle bones! Hello I call my Black Horse car today for coronavirus payment brake for the first time in 4 years, so I ask them to stop my payment for this month, they say yes, but I have to pay from every month of brake 100 dollars until the end of the agreement So now I pay 366-100 dollars more. Please stay away from this business is very bad👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻Ux! The Blackhorse service is terrible. I do not understand how this business works.

Had problems with a vehicle that I financed by them (dealers used it) and they don`t seem to worry in the world. There is no empathy or customer service with them, and if the call doesn`t go, they have an attitude and repeat themselves over and over again. More than once, I had to be there for them, because they could only read one script. I wouldn`t recommend it to anyone. He went to see a nice lady who tried to help me with payments I had missed because she had farted. My phone died partly because of the conversation, and when I rang, I joined Ross. He was not like the first lady and he spoke as if he could not attack me. I told him I wanted to pay these 2 installments (especially since these are the last ones left in my agreement), but I would have to divide them and pay piece by piece until the end of the year, if things get normal for me again. I could pay the rest all at once. But he wasn`t at all interested in helping me, just robots and how I wasn`t a real person with a problem at the end of the phone.

Explaining to someone that you can`t afford to pay all the bills and put food on the table is pretty hard and embarrassing without being approached with such contempt. People like Ross really shouldn`t be in customer service-based roles, especially at times like this, when so many people are struggling with their finances. A little care and compassion go a long way. You never know what you`re going through behind closed doors. Racism is a star of fraud… Chris brown is racist he made cheating on my account wholesale not everyone is not racist, but few employees I buy a Car from Ford that had damage I called first she said I could take it back, since I took the car for 2 days, I returned it to the parking lot, the Blackhorse representative not through it that day , I had a meeting, I had said he had already had a conversation with black horse the representative did not try to return me the car and the agreement, although the contract says that I can my lawyer on the phone and that he had a copy of my contract, so they talked they argued because I knew I was right n he did.