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The founding capital to be allocated in accordance with Section 6 shall be transferred to each founder beyond [NUMBER OF YEARS TO ENTER THE FINANCIAL YEAR] and each founder shall enter into on the date of its creation a usual share restriction agreement describing this exercise: then, what is the agreement of a founder? It is a legally binding document signed by the founders of the company or a company (even before the creation of a company) that defines the rights and obligations of the founder vis-à-vis the company (or joint venture) and each other. The agreement includes several legal aspects such as the purpose of the company, the roles of each of the founders, the work obligations, the allocation of equity (shares), the redemption rights in case a founder leave and much more. It may sound pretty simple – because, well, it is. But that doesn`t mean it`s not an important part of your founding agreement! If you have very little budget, you can create an entity via LegalZoom or Clerky. These DIY sites work well for starting the business, as creating a unit by filing a foundation certificate or status with a secretary of state is simple. However, they do not work well for partnership agreements, which almost always require significant custom design, which is not done through a system of DIY contracts with models. All the terms of the agreement must be included in the articles of association (“AOA”) of the company, either by amendment (if the company is already registered) or at the time of the creation of the AOA of the company before its creation. In addition to the terms of the agreement, it is also recommended that the ESA grant the company the power and power to issue preferential shares and issue different types of instruments, including different types of preferred shares, bonds, etc., in order to allow future investments in the company. The general objectives of the company are defined in its MOA.

If you leave with unsused actions, do not take them away. They stay with the company (sometimes they are technically bought by the company). While this may seem like a bad deal to you, if you`re the one who`s going, consider it from the point of view of staying.